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Thursday, 21 June 2018
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About Project

KIDDYPAGES is an information center of children`s goods.

The Basic purpose of our center is creation of a professional information field which helps businessmen and buyers to be guided in the market of the children`s goods, saving time and facilitating business communications. KIDDYPAGES data base is located in the Internet that does its accessible to the broad audience of users.

The Information center allows professionals to declare itself as participants of the market of the children`s goods, to find new partners in Russia and abroad, to receive the market information about the children`s goods, to learn about exhibitions of the children`s goods, operatively to inform about the new goods and brands, about plans of own development, to inform current news. Besides on our site you can receive the information for a choice of the program of promotion of the goods or projects both in Russia and abroad.

The Information center allows buyers to have access to the fullest list of children goods stores, to get on-line access to assortment of the children`s goods in each store and to virtual catalogues of brands, to learn news about receipt of the new collections, discounts and special actions in children`s stores, opening of the new shops. Besides you can familiarize with the list of magazines for the parents,  devoted to problems of motherhood and  childhood, to education and care of the child, a children`s fashion, and also to see their monthly announcements.

Our Target audience.
Our basic target audience are professionals of the market of the children`s goods (buyers, commodity researchers, owners of stores, etc. in Moscow, in regions of Russia and abroad) and final buyers.

March, 2005. KIDDYPAGES was opened by a group of the professionals with 10-years experience of import and sales of the children`s goods in the Russian market.

Our own advertising campaign.
We advertise ourself in many famous professional magazines and magazines for parents.
Professional magazines: Modny magazin, Shoes Report, Planeta Detstvo (a magazine and catalogues), Moscow show-rooms.
Moscow magazine for parents:

We are the information sponsor of some fairs in Russia and abroad. We take part in some fairs as exhibitors.
Moscow Fairs: CPM, Mir detstva, CJF, Detstvo, Textillelegprom.
Regional fairs: Fashion Salon (Sochi), Planeta Detstva (St. Petersburg), Babytime-Siberia (Novosibirsk), etc.
International fairs: FIMI (Spain), Bubble London (UK), Play Time Paris (France), Baby Expo (Ukraine), Central Asia Fashion (Kazakstan), etc.

WEB-advertising campaigne.
You can see KIDDYPAGES advertising banners on web-sites of target fairs and magazines.

Special projects.
Marketing of the market of the children`s goods.  
A special program for foreign firms, consortiums, associations, foreign trade missions and chambers. We offer rendering a complex of promotion services in the Russian market:
• Organization of the advertising campaign.
• Address dispatch of promotional materials to potential clients.
• Carrying out of negotiations with potential clients.
• Creation of Russian versions of web-sites of the foreign companies.

Sections are accessible to the user:

Manufacturers. Here Russian and foreign manufacturers of the children`s goods are presented in headings : children`s clothes and accessories, children`s footwear, toys, goods for newborns,  children`s food, goods for future mums, children`s cosmetics, children`s furniture, sports goods for children, medical preparations for children.

Importers. The list of importers of the children`s goods, being agents, dealers, distributors or representatives of the foreign companies.

Shops. The list of shops of the goods for children with the instruction of the basic groups of the goods, addresses and all contact information.

WEB-shops and catalogues. The list of the Internet-shops of the children`s goods, catalogues for orders of the goods for children and their contact information.

Exhibitions. The list of Russian and foreign exhibitions of the goods for children located in the calendar order, with the instruction of date and a place of carrying out. The contact information.

Business abroad. Are you going to start the kids shop abroad? A list of kids shops in different countries, web-shops, information about real estate, etc.

Press. The list of magazines about the children`s goods and magazines for parents with the description and monthly announcements.

News. News. Monthly news of the market and announcement of news of companies. You can read completely news on personal pages of companies.

Contacts. Here you can look up contact information with the information centre KIDDYPAGES. Here you can send the application for accommodation on a site, ask questions interesting you, to state the wishes, remarks and offers.

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