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Thursday, 21 June 2018
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The official distributor of the European trade-marks of fashionable children`s clothes, lingerie and accessories. The partners of the company are the leading manufacturers of children`s clothes and lingerie from Italy, Spain and Holland.
The collections that are presented in show-room are original, possess the unique style, exclusive quality and very reasonable price. They perfectly supplement each other, offering full assortment for multibrand shop of children`s clothes.
The company works on system of orders, however, for some collections there is a possibility to get the goods of a current season from a warehouse in Moscow.

BIMBAVERA gives the clients a full spectrum of services: placing of order, logistical service, certification, advertising, consulting services.
The show-room, created not so long ago, is created by the people having a wide experience of work in the market of children`s clothes and wishing to make it better and more interesting.


Trade mark of the Italian clothes for girls from 1 to 16 years old. Clothing created for those girls who have a fashion heart. For those who love wearing the sprint and passion of the most glamorous cupid in the world of fashion.
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MELBY (Italy)
The Italian trade mark of clothes for children from 0 till 16 years. The clothes are made from safe hypoallergenic fabrics. Easy design, warm, soft fabrics, sensation of comfort, authentical style, functionality distinguish collections of clothes of this brand.
The average price of a good in Autumn-winter collection is 17 Euros.
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Clothes for girls 8-16 years age. Rounding off with metropolitan glam interpreted by drawstring-waist short puffer jackets with jeans, big shirts and sweats, also featuring tartan prints.
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Italian boy`s clothing from the famous adult`s brand ANTONY MORATO is designed for a male audience ranging from 4 to 16, with a core target sitting on the 8-16 age group.
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Italian outdoor clothes for children. CANADIENS, the ideal travel companion for urban explorers for over ten years now.
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Brand of fashion children`s clothes from Greece. The new and fresh brand of children`s clothing for infants and children, whose style reflects more fresh ideas and space for personal development.
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Italian girl`s clothing for children 2-14 years age. Every clothing item of collection is thought and designed for your most special occasions, thanks to its clean lines, fine tailoring and the romantic style.
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The EDDIE PEN children`s line includes high-quality down jackets for boys and girls under 16 years old. Down jackets are of high quality, incredible ease and ability to keep the heat even in severe frosts.
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Address: Russia, Moscow, Mitinskaya Street 36, TC KOVCHEG, office 413
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