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Thursday, 14 December 2017
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World-famous 24-hour channel about fashion FASHION TV RUSSIA. Launching in Paris, Europe`s fashion capital, FTV`s initial strategy was to obtain a global dominance of the fashion-broadcasting sector. Since its inception in 1997, FashionTV has been setting the highest standards for excellence in fashion and lifestyle broadcasting. FashionTV entertains and inspires its audience by providing an insider`s view of the fashion industry in a highly desired clip-based content. FTV offers the most comprehensive and fastest review of fashion anywhere with pgogramming the latest trends, major fashion shows, designer events and highlights of fashion industry professionals. A strong image and exceptional awareness ofFashionTV`s brand projects a unique, cosmopolitan and a modern style allowing for influential partnerships with many global brands.

On cooperation with the channel, please contact Oleg Frolov, Director of Development. Phone: +7 495 721-11-42, +7 966 100-99-14.

Address: 109028, Moscow, Podkopaevsky per., 5
Tel.: +7 (495) 721-11-42 Fax:
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