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Thursday, 19 July 2018
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Russian manufacturer of high-quality children`s clothes under the trade mark CHOBI. Creating our clothes, we deliver pleasure not only to our most favourite and dear children, but also you, their parents.

The history of the CHOBI brand began in 2006 with the creation of a collection of headwear and accessories for children. For 10 years, from year to year, creating unique unique collections of hats for children, paying special attention to the quality of products, CHOBI has acquired a large number of fans both among boutique owners and among direct consumers, and the company`s name has become synonymous with quality and own style.

Now in the assortment of the company CHOBI headwear and accessories for children and women, as well as women`s clothing and the line of goods for the home. CHOBI since 2017 produces a shampoo for washing products from cashmere and delicate materials, recommended for washing children`s products.

In the assortment of autumn-winter collections for children: hats, ear-flaps, helmets, scarves, gloves, gloves. In the range of spring-summer collections: knitted and cotton hats, caps, panamas, hats, scarves and gloves.

In 2015 CHOBI - CASHMERE HOUSE was opened. This is a world of beautiful, cozy, practical things for the whole family. It`s no secret that the main buyers are women. Modern women need a lot of time and therefore they need a space where they can solve several problems at once. Exclusiveness of the shops CHOBI - CASHMERE HOUSE is that in one space it is possible to purchase products for the whole family.

Currently, CHOBI - CASHMERE HOUSE stores are located in  TC Dream House and TC Crocus City Mall.

Address: Russia, 121352 Moscow, Nezhinskaya Street 1, kor. 3
Tel.: +7 (495) 668-57-50, 8 (800) 555-49-92 Fax:
Web Site: E-mail:
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