Italian magazine about fashion and fashion business FASHION MAGAZINE.

Information magazine for fashion market professionals in all areas - from textiles to clothing and accessories. Exclusive interviews, market analysis, e-commerce review, reviews of leading retailers, constantly updated news and much more can be found in the magazine FASHION MAGAZINE. The magazine is available in Italian and English. During the year, in addition to FASHION MAGAZINE magazine, the project includes special issues: FASHION GUIDES - fashion offers: fashion talents, fashion in the city, fashion showroom, fashion fairs and e-commerce fashion; FASHION IN THE CITY - shopping guide in Milan; FASHION SHOWROOM - catalog of fashion show-rooms; FASHION E-COMMERCE - review, analysis and trends of electronic commerce; FASHION FAIR - a review of fashion shows in Italy and abroad.






Products: all fashion
Country: Italy
Address: Piazza Pio XI 1, 20123 Milan, Italy