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Classic shoes for every day.

Crafted from high quality Austrian felt, LEGERO TANARO loafers are the perfect everyday hero in every situation. Soft, eco-friendly material provides comfort every day. TANARO shoes are produced in “G” width.

Shoes for modern gentlemen.

ALFRED SARGENT - English men's shoes - synonymous with quality English shoemaking since 1899. The design of the shoes is classic, and the company produces both very strict shoes and informal models in a country club style. ALFRED SARGENT shoes reflect the contemporary style and quality demands of today's customers.

Not only for VIP.

ANELLO & DAVIDE is a leading English brand of handmade shoes. Shoes that bring pride to those who create them and everyone who wears them. The history of the brand includes stiletto heels for Marilyn Monroe, leggings for Peter Ustinov, suede brogues for David Niven and, of course, boots for BEATLES.

For the bliss of your feet.

The British brand ARTHUR SLEEP specializes in luxurious slippers, penny loafers in soft cashmere suede and patent leather shoes that can be worn under a tuxedo or tailcoat. Sophisticated slippers and loafers are designed not only for home relaxation, but also for the beach and summer walks.

"Architectural" ankle boots.

The Swedish footwear brand VAGABOND SHOEMAKERS has included in its Spring-Summer collection 21 bright new products - graphic-shaped women's ankle boots. The Edwina shoe is crafted from smooth leather, has a stable heel and a rubberized square toe for a retro chic feel.

Shoes with “shark ”soles.

Australian footwear brand EMU Australia is celebrating 25 years this year with sheepskin and merino wool footwear. For the anniversary date, the brand has released a model of sheepskin boots with a "shark" toothed sole - Sharky.

Back in the 80s!

The new ADIDAS Originals collection celebrates the iconic hip-hop band of the 80s. RUN DMC and the influence of the musician style on street fashion. In the early 1980s, they took to the stage in ADIDAS tracksuits and Superstar sneakers with no laces and protruding tongue. The new ADIDAS Originals collection features two Superstar sneaker silhouettes that can be worn without lacing at all. The special elastic tongue of the model fixes the shoe on the foot.

Dedicated to Moscow.

The iconic NIKE Air Max 90 is turning 30 this year. To highlight the great popularity of this model around the world, the American sports brand has released an updated design for the Air Max 90 and dedicated it to Moscow. The company notes that the Air Max 90 was the brand's first sneakers to be widely used in Russia.

Creative campaign Curated FSDX from ECCO.

The Danish shoe brand has introduced local filming in support of the Curated FSDX collection. It was attended by heroes from different spheres, known for their creative projects. At the heart of the shooting concept is an asymmetric exposure, inverted objects and people in the frame as a symbol of the Curated FSDX design difference from the usual brand assortment.

CROCS has equipped the clog "in the field"

The Crocs model, developed in collaboration with American designer Nicole McLaughlin and Greenhouse, is on sale. The designer made sure that the owner of the pair could place on the shoes all the essentials during the hike. On the left clog there is a compact pocket and a flashlight, a rope and compass on the right.

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The new footwear industry's leading international trade fair MICAM Milano Digital Show is online until 15 of November.

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MOSSHOES exhibition

International B2B Exhibition of Footwear, Bags, Leather and Components MosShoes will be held 01-04.03.2021.

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MIPEL exhibition

The international exhibition of bags and leather goods MIPEL will be held 21-24 of February 2021 in Milan.

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EXPO RIVA SCHUH exhibition

The international shoe exhibition EXPO RIVA SCHUH will be held 11-14 of December 2020.

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Market news

Sustainability and the return of the nineties.

Fashion trends for the winter season 2021. Designers and manufacturers of footwear and bags are forced to find a compromise between fashion, style, comfort and the desire of consumers for a model of conscious consumption.

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