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Shoes with a touch of luxury.

CORSOCOMO is a Russian brand of women's and men's shoes with a big story. Thanks to talented designers and its own production, the brand quickly adapts all fashion trends. Distinctive features of CORSOCOMO creations are external conciseness, elegance of lines and refined stylistic solutions.

Comfort in any weather.

BURGERSCHUHE is the largest manufacturer of comfortable shoes in St. Petersburg. The company performs a full cycle of footwear production - from shoe lasts and accessories to finished footwear. Shoes with Anti-ice soles are indispensable in the winter season, and Aquastop leather shoes allow you to stay comfortable in any weather.

Freedom of creativity.

MASCOTTE is a Russian brand of women's and men's shoes and accessories. The brand's shoes are addressed to active "fashion consumers" who appreciate a well-balanced style and a wide range. The hallmark of MASCOTTE is stylish accessories that are in harmony with the shoes and allow you to create a complete image “total look”.

Grape sneakers.

The founder of the new French shoe brand COG has launched the production of sneakers, for which artificial leather is made from grape pomace. COG shoes are made in Portugal. Grape pomace from Portuguese wineries is extracted and then processed to make artificial leather shoes.

Shoes are going up in price.

This year, shoe prices have been rising all over the world. The increase in the price of footwear products was most noticeable in countries with high inflation (more than 10%), these include Argentina, Turkey, the Netherlands, Russia, Italy, and the UK. In Russia, prices increased by about 20%, while in the budget segment the growth was about 15%, in the premium and luxury segment - up to 30%.

Beer in the sole.

The German brewing company has teamed up with Le Pub, BBH and sneaker designer Dominic Siambrone to create a unique Heinekicks sneaker with beer in the sole. In addition to the original design, a beer opener is built into the tongue of the sneaker. The batch of unusual shoes is limited edition and intended for sale in Singapore.

Crocs retail has resumed work in Russia.

The American shoe brand Crocs remains on the Russian market. The brand's retail management and interaction with the franchisee were transferred under the new structure of Claire LLC, which was owned by the former head of the Russian division of Crocs, Eric Petit. A number of the brand's stores have already reopened after shutting down in March.

Rhinestones, sequins and faux fur.

A distinctive feature in the design of the current collection of the Italian luxury brand Pinko is sparkling jewelry - rhinestones and sequins. They adorn heels and graceful straps of shoes and sandals, they are present in a neat scattering on the top of the shoe. The brand also offered "shaggy" boots, and a whole series of soft "curly" handbags.

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