Spanish shoe brand ANDRES SENDRA.

The history of family-owned footwear, which marked the beginning of the ANDRES SENDRA brand, dates back to 1913. Goodyear's sewing technique has earned the shoe an outstanding reputation. Now the company produces classic men's shoes, including custom-made ones. The design of ANDRES SENDRA shoes is usually formal and restrained, but there are also bright creative models. Suede and calfskin are used for upper shoes. The ANDRES SENDRA boots, preserving the traditions of a hundred-year history, are distinguished by virtuoso sewing techniques, comfortable fit, pure classicism of designs, leather, color, texture.







Products: men's footwear
Country: Spain
Address: C/Aparadoras, nº3, Aptado. 2, 02640 Almansa (Albacete), Spain