Italian brand of women’s and men’s footwear IGI&CO.

IGI&CO brand since 2002, to offer high-performance technical products inspired by Italian style and taste: footwear characterised by extreme lightness, flexibility and breathability thanks to specially selected leathers. All of the IGI&CO collections feature “all-around” comfortable footwear with the “performance” of sporty shoes, with a “city-wear” look. Shoes that can be worn both everyday and for more formal occasions. For this reason the brand was launched using the payoff line “Sporty inside” to convey the brand’s high-performance and multi-functional features. IGI&CO is a brand of the IGI&CO Group.










Products: women's footwear, men's footwear
Country: Italy
Address: Via J. Gagarin, 6, 06073 Ellera di Corciano (PG), Italy