Brazilian shoe manufacturer PAQUETA GROUP.

The Brazilian company PAQUETA GROUP annually produces about 65,000 pairs of women's, men's, sports and children's shoes. The range of comfortable and high-quality footwear includes boots, ballet shoes, boots, sandals, sneakers, sneakers, etc. Annually the company develops over 2000 new models of shoes. In the company's brand portfolio there are brands of the “average plus” price level and more affordable shoes. Own brands of footwear produced by PAQUETA GROUP: DUMOND (women's shoes and accessories), CAPODARTE (women's and men's shoes and accessories), ORTOPE (children's shoes).







Products: women's footwear, men's footwear, accessories
Country: Brazil
Address: Rua Pe. Carapuceiro, 910 - 1º Andar – Bairro Boa Viagem, Edifício Empresarial Acácio Gil Borsoi Recife – PE, Brazil